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The position of Die & mold industry in national economy

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The mold is one kind of basic craft equipment which the manufacturing industry, its function is controls and limits the material (solid or liquid) the flow, causes it to form the needed shape. With high efficiency, good product quality, low material consumption, low production cost and low production cost, it is widely used in manufacturing industry. Mould industry is the basic industry of national economy, and it is a key industry in the world. The level of mold production technology is an important symbol to measure a country's level of product manufacturing, which largely determines the quality, efficiency and new product development ability of the product. Revitalization and development of China's mold industry, is increasingly concerned by the people. As early as in March 1989, the Chinese government promulgated the "on the current industrial policy points in the decision", the mold will be listed as the first of the mechanical industrial technology transformation sequence. Mold industry is not only a part of the high-tech industry, but also an important field of high-tech industrialization. Die in machinery, electronics, light industry, textile, automotive, aviation, aerospace and other industrial fields, has become the most widely used main equipment, it took 60%~90% in the field of these industrial products production and processing of parts, components and parts. The importance of the mold manufacturing is mainly reflected in the demand of the market, only to the automobile, motorcycle industry, the mold market as an example. Automobile, motorcycle industry is the largest market, in the industrial developed countries, the market accounted for half of the entire mold market. The automobile industry of national economy in China is one of the five pillar industries, the automobile industry is the development of key parts, economy cars and heavy-duty vehicles, auto mould as a development focus has been in the automotive industry policy has been clear. Car basic models continue to increase in 2005 will reach 170 kinds. A model of the required mold of the car up to thousands of pairs, worth hundreds of millions of dollars. In order to adapt to the needs of the market, the car will continue to change, when the car is about 80% of the mold needs to be replaced. China's motorcycle production ranked first in the world, according to statistics, China's motorcycle total of 14 displacement of more than and 80 models, more than 1 thousand models. There are about 2000 parts of a single motorcycle, a total of more than 5 thousand, of which more than half of the mold production needs. A model of motorcycle production need 1000 pairs of mold, the total value of about 10000000 yuan. Other industries, such as electronics and telecommunications, home appliances, construction, etc., there is also a huge mold market. At present, the world mold Market in short supply, the main export countries are the United States, Japan, France, Switzerland and other countries. The number of China mold export is few, but China die fitter high technical level, low labor costs, if equipped with some advanced CNC tooling equipment, improve the machining quality, shorten the production cycle, the communication channels of foreign trade, exports will have great development mold. Research and development of die technology, improve the level of mold technology, to promote the development of the national economy has a special significance.
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