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Shandong will be out of the management of low-speed electric vehicles have been launched research

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In July 27th, the office of the Shandong provincial government issued an urgent notice on the investigation of the current production and construction of low speed electric vehicle enterprises. Notice that this investigation is to study the development of the province's industrial policies and measures to regulate the development of low-speed electric vehicles, the provincial government decided on the low-speed electric car industry to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic investigation."


山東省擬製定低速電動車省級管理政策 現已展開企業調研



Shandong province intends to develop low speed electric vehicles provincial management policy has been launched business research
The first electric network reporter interviewed the vice chairman of Shandong Province Automobile Industry Association and the Secretary General of Shandong Province, society of automotive engineering director Wei Xueqin, Wei Xueqin said, "the increasing number of low-speed electric vehicles in Shandong Province, the provincial government also more and more attention to the low-speed electric car industry, before the Shandong Province on the low-speed electric vehicles management approach is the industry standard association for the development of the provincial government led investigation of enterprises, through summarizing the research results, the management policies of the provincial government."
In addition, according to the relevant insider introduction, this investigation is also in order to purify the industrial environment, remediation of those who do not scale, there is no technical level of small enterprises. After the current round of investigation, the provincial government will invite relevant enterprises to jointly discuss the development of Shandong Province, the policy of low speed electric vehicles."
Low speed electric vehicle industry has been suffering in the rapid growth of the dispute, in the absence of policy support, no support subsidies under the conditions of the 2015 record of 700 thousand units of the good results, can be seen in the market for low-speed electric car full of passion. In response to the market, in April 14th, the National Standardization Management Committee will be the four round of low speed electric passenger car technical conditions as a project to be approved for public comment.
Policy seminar held in March 8th after the first electric network salon, has been in favor of low-speed electric car promotion Chinese Academy of engineering, said Yang Yusheng, Vice Premier Ma Kai has put the low-speed electric vehicle standards work instructions, now has been handed over to the Ministry of industry, the process has already begun.
Then there are media reports, according to the Ministry of the relevant feedback, high-profile low-speed electric car standard management policy has been drafted by the Ministry of industry, four ministries sign and submit the completed date will be announced and entered the comment period. and that policy combines four ministries for low-speed electric vehicles combining guidance, the implementation of classification management, and based on the upgrading of a number, a number of norms, eliminate a number of "general formulation.
However, this year has been more than half, low-speed electric car policy is expected to fall still has not yet been introduced, Shandong province is one of the main areas of low-speed electric car development, has bred numerous low-speed electric car companies, and huge consumer groups, no standard policy guidance, the market will fall into chaos, the Shandong provincial government intends to develop local policy specification for low-speed electric vehicles "but also want to put in the central policy blank industry management, such as the central policy, in accordance with the central overall adjustment," commented Wei Xueqin.

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